Expert Training At Your Fingertips:

The EL Fitness App allows you to take your training with you anywhere you go and is included with all purchases. Access your workouts, exercise video library, nutrition plan, progress tracking, and instant trainer support all from your smart phone by one touch of your screen. With my expertise, over 10 years experience and 8 different certifications and specializations, I know just what it takes to achieve even the toughest of goals. Start today or contact Eddie for more details.

Take Your Program Anywhere

Your exercise program, exercise library, goal tracking metrics, and support can go with you anywhere.

How It Works



Upon signup you will receive an email to set up your account which includes a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand your goals and workout preferences.
Download the EL Fitness App2

Download the EL Fitness App

In the sign up email you will also receive a link to download the EL Fitness App. The app will be your base camp for performing every element of you new fitness and health routine.
Phone/Skype Consultation3

Phone/Skype Consultation

After you complete your questionnaire we will set up a phone/skype consultation in which we will solidify your goals and create a plan for success.
Training Program4

Training Program

I will create your training program within 2 days and load it into your EL Fitness App and online portal. You will receive an email the moment it is ready.
Nutrition Plan5

Nutrition Plan

Our in house Certified Fitness Nutritionist will send you an easy to follow Nutrition plan and load it into your App and Online Portal. Following this plan closely is key to your success.
Utilize Your Workout Video Library6

Utilize Your Workout Video Library

In your private online portal and app you will find your exercise video library which includes a explanatory videos for each exercise in your training program. You will receive daily reminders to complete your workouts and track your goal statistics. These notifications will help to maintain ultimate accountability.
24/7 Phone, In-App and Email Support7

24/7 Phone, In-App and Email Support

Do you have a question? As a member you will have 24/7 phone, in-app and email support from Eddie. Call right now if you'd like.
4 Week Review and Reassessment8

4 Week Review and Reassessment

Nothing is more important than the achievement of your fitness goals. Therefore, after each 4 week program we will review your achievements and progress pictures. We will then discuss your previous training plan and change it appropriately to make sure the next 4 week phase is going to continually progress your results.

A Healthy and Sustainable Nutrition Plan