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My Mission

Eddie Lester strives to assist and progress clientele towards personal fitness goals and leading a healthy lifestyle.

I aspire to build lifelong professional relationships with my clientele with an aim to produce results in the most immediate fashion. With a promise toward continuing education, I will remain on the cutting edge of new fitness techniques and programs. Through constant envelopment in the fitness progression, the most modern and effective fitness tools will be used to improve client strength, endurance, flexibility and physique. By following scientifically drawn protocol, clients will achieve their personal fitness goals as time-effective as modern science will allow. With an enhanced self-image, clientele will approach the world with a new light and abundant energy to tackle their personal, business and professional well-being.

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Specialized Fitness Training

Myofascial Compression

  • Reduce pain and relax overactive muscles to improve all areas of health and fitness

Multiplanar Flexibilty

  • Lengthen tight muscles to increase range of motion to improve improve movement and decrease joint pain

Core Strengthening

  • Building strength from the core outward will prepare your body for more intense training

Integrated Training

  • Complete training geared towards mastering your goals from strength to body fat loss

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